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Turbo Noise From Cold Is Flutter Normal


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Hi guys,

From cold I noticed my 1.8tdci makes a pidgeon noise, like a flutter when changing gears for around 5 mins from cold start, it's only slight, I notice it with the radio off.

Is this a normal attribute ? The car has had regular oil changes, and is actually semi clean since I have had two oil changes within about 500 miles just to be sure.

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a flutter noise?lol

how do you know its your turbo or gears? Do you get it when you press clutch in? Does it go away after clutch released? bit more info needed id say

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It sounds like a pigeon, sounds like what waste gate chatter is on a tuned petrol, aka compressor stall, but just wanna know if anyone else's sounds like it

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Sorry for resurrecting this tread..I have this exact same thing! Around 2k revs when you're changing gear coming off boost.

It's got steadily worse I'd say over the last year. And while I've not noticed any dip in performance or any other problems, it's all a bit weird.

Did anyone figure out what this noise was?

For the record I have a Mk. 2 Focus 1.8 TDCi... 05 plate. 91k miles.

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I'm the OP and Im 100% sure that it does it alot more noticebly when the ambient temperature is cold, it's frustrating, but I've yet to find out what the noise is, and it wasn't long ago it was at a ford specialist that plugged it in properly and couldn't see anything wrong, no fault codes and everything seemed in order, mines had regular oil changes and nothing has seemed to affect it.

I've given it longer to warm up and I try my best to stay off boost as much as I can for a while. I've only got 50 something k on the clocks too

Keep hunting and let me know what you find !

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i also have it a bit on my 06 1.8 tdci!

and also when its cold!

i have heard that it can be caused by a leak on a turbo pipe - but since it stops when its warm i think its not worth looking into. i don't know about yours, but mines not getting any worse

if it is a leak it could possibly heat up and the material expand causing it to close up?

..this is a total guess by the way, i really do have no idea - but it is strange that its all on 1.8s from a similar time!


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