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Gosh, things have moved on since I last had a Ford..... About me: I'm "middle-aged" (read: between 32 & 57ish), and I've been a Ford fan since I learned to drive the old mans Mk1 Cortina at the age of 12. Since then I've had all the Cortinas (bar the mk2), an Escort, a Sapphire (complete with iffy inertia style starter on a 1.6), and a lovely 2.0L Mondeo. I moved away (shame!) to a Pug 406 for about 8 years, and that's just bitten the bullet, so I've just bought an "economical town car" in the 60PS Fiesta (I know, but it was cheap for a 10 plate); "youthful" me is still screaming for a hot hatch......
Only picked it up yesterday, so still getting used to it - but one thing I noticed (as it was my only real worry) - Ford are claiming a ~16second 0-60. I tested mine last night at a fraction over 13. Notwithstanding speedo error (and I know it should be 0-62) that was pleasing. Top end still shows [ahem] around what it should be (officer).....
I'm an ex-mechanic, but these new fangled plug-in jobs don't do it for me, so I'll be the one dispensing advice on old Escorts and Cortinas.......

Cheers all,


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Hi Colin welcome to FOC theres plenty of people who come to the forums for advice on older models so im sure you'll be plenty of help to a few people

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Ha! I'm yer man for iffy pinto starter motors, camshafts (don't try to put the 2.0L higher lift cam in the 1.6 - it doesn't work that way round) and void bushes!
Oh, and VV carbs ;-)
Thanks for the greet - I'll have some questions on this Fiesta later, too....

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