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Evening, My names Richard and Ive a "52" Ford Focus 1.6 petrol Flight,from new,and a 2012 Fiesta 1.4tdci zetec which bought March 2012. I guess I joined to share my passion of everything Ford,with like minded members.I actually came across this site whilst looking for a comparison test between a 2013 fiesta ST and a 2013 focus ST.I'm looking to buy one or the other later this year(when discounts are more likely!) Its the fiestas size thats swinging it for me as it seems to make it more nimble,but theres so many other reasons to decide over.One thing overlooked by magazines,and i'm diversifying slightly,RS variants hold their value over ST models exceedingly well.So if I find Ford are to market an RS Fiesta,which to the best of my knowledge could be late this year early next year(unless you guys know any differrent!)then my problems would be over.An RS would be the car for me. Anyway its turned midnight so I'm off for some kip.Thanks.I will return soon.Richard.

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Welcome to FOC Richard im looking at the focus vs fiesta ST aswel and same as you if theres an RS out ill be getting that. I preffer the focus but gutted that you cant get the focus 3Dr :( whereas obv the fez is 3dr

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Welcome to the family Richard, I would be sceptical as to the dates of the RS release! I have heard whispers here and there that its been dropped...

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