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Whynns Egr Cleaner Kicking Up A Stink!

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Just wanted to see if anybody else has experienced this at all… I used the WHYNN’s EGR cleaner at lunch time, and as directed displaced the entire contents of the spray into the air intake, and the behaviour was crazy! At first, the slightest burst of the stuff, and the engine started knocking and going crazy! By the end, it barely noticed, and knocked the revs
up a tiny bit!

However, at the end of the treatment, I was playing in the boot, and the exhaust fumes just stunk! Fishy is one way to describe it! Did anyone else find that when using WHYNN’s they have had a similar effect? Or smell?

And what was your experience of using WHYNN’s, similar to mine?

I have yet to actually drive the car (that fun comes in three hours when I go home!) so I don’t know if there is any improvement in its driving…

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Its all very nice, but if your egr is heavily coated with carbon and the cleaner removes it, you may end up with large lumps of carbon getting into the engine which could bugger it up.

Its better to take off the egr and clean it out manualy as wynns stuff wont get the really hardened stuff off. Also may be worth taking manifold off as that is likely to be covered too.

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the intention was to give it a quick clean as I will be blanking it off soon enough! but the car after just one treatment, certainly seems to have an improvement. minor as it may be, it feels smoother and a tad more responsive on the bottom end between gears 1 and 4, but from 4 - 7 its not really any different. Never the less, its an improvement.

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