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Is There A Problem With Faulty Ecu's On 1.6Tdci's


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I am new to forum. I am getting an odd feeling in the car always occuring about the same point on my commute. when i then pull up to junctions the engine stutters a little. I have read there is a regeneration process - is that what i am feeling. I am concerned the process is not happening properly. I have read others get fault codes or go to limp mode that never happens to mine. I asked garage to check at mot they say no fault codes. Any help appreciated.

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Welcome to the club!

Its not likely to be an ECU fault, but depending on the mileage and the way the car has been driven its quite probable that the car will be regenerating, however I doubt that this is the fault. The stuttering tends to be when the car cant burn the fuel properly, this can be from a need to replace the air filter (tenner from euro car parts and about 10-15 minutes to fit). It could also be a gummed up fuel filter (a little more and a little more hassle) worst case scenario, it could be a small amount of air getting into the fuel filter, which would then need the filter and housing replaced with Ford thats about £160 (been there, done that) finally it could be the Idle control valve - to check this, start the engine, and watch the revs, how many revs does it do whilst idle? if the car doesnt exceed 850 when idling then the next bet is to remove and clean the Mass Air Flow sensor.

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Please see my thread here for my story on this as its very similar


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