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Second Key Enquiry

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Hi everyone,

I recently purchased a '57 Mondeo that only came with a '3-button key'. I would like to have another key as a spare, but am considering the 'fold-up blade' type. They are widely available on the net. I know some high-street locksmiths can cut said blade, and the Hayne's manual explains how to tune the remote key to the car. However, it still won't start without the transponder tuned to the car, which seems to be easy IF you already have 2 working keys (which I don't!). Could any of you recommend a way sort this out, or is it more cost-effective to go and see the dealership?

Thanks for your help,


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Do not go to a dealer, you'll be looking at about £350.

Buy a new flip key off eBay and find a good local auto locksmith.

The only thing you'd be able to do with the key by yourself would be programme it to the central locking.

Adding the key to the immobiliser needs to be done with an IDS module plugged into the cars data port.

The ability to programme Ford keys yourself disappeared at the same time that the OBDII system became universal on cars (about 2003/2004).

Even then a Ford required two original keys to unlock the programming, this was a form of fleet management measure for company/hire vehicles (also using the original two keys, any spare ones that were lost/stolen/spirited away could be removed from the system).

Through a good auto locksmith (get quotes) you'll pay £80ish.

Ford charge for a key, programming, labour and an enforced diagnostic whether you want it or not (if you say no they won't touch the car) and then promptly call out the self same auto locksmith you could have called on yourself.

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Thanks for the quick reply, Stoney.

eBay seems to be listing some Ford transponders with various codes. Would it be as simple as checking out the transponder on the key I have and trying to match it? Or am I just plain deluded?

Thanks for your help again,


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The codes are usuallly to do with whether the transponders are the glass tube type or the carbon chip type

By your cars year i'd say carbon chip.

If you can post up a pic of the style of key you have currently i should be able to pick one out for you.

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Hi Stoney, sorry to take a while to respond, but work got in the way!

I tried to prise the transponder out of my key, but to no avail (last thing I want is to mess up the one key I have). By the looks of it the transponder is what you called the 'carbon chip' type. I could not get a number, but I noticed what seems to be a code on the remote locking circuit board:


Just in case, it says Siemens 433MHz

5WK4 725 / 8686


I 315MHz

I 5WK4 8025

Does that help?

In any case, as I'm looking at getting a 'flip-blade' key that comes with a glass-type transponder, I'm not sure the existing working one is relevant, unless I managed to clone it. Is that correct?

I appreciate your help,


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You'll need a carbon chip (ID4D-63) to match the immobiliser protocols.

One of these is good-


For full functionality of the key you'll need the services of an auto locksmith (Timpsons etc won't do them as they say the blade is too hard to cut but it's rubbish, the keys cut just fine) and cloning keys runs the risk of scrambling the PATSII system on the car.

The key i linked to is aftermarket but I have used one for 2 years with no problems whatsoever.

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