Clutch Problem ( Slipping,master Cylinder)

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Don't no of I'm in the right section but just need little bit of advice. My brake fluid was dropping about 6 months ago. After realising what it was and topping it up during this time I've now had the master cylinder changed. Now, 2 days after, the clutch started to feel strange and was slipping a lot. Had to rev really high to get a slight movement. Now it wil not move at all and I can select any gear and release the clutch fully with accelerating at all. Would just like to know if anybody knows exactly the problem before I take it back to the garage. Cheers, Jamie

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If brake fluid gets onto the friction plate due to a leak, it can cause the clutch to slip

Once the friction plate is contaminated with fluid it is difficult to get cleaned off, i was told it would need to be replaced on my mk3 tit-x 2.2, the flyweel can be used again because the face is metal if the DMF is ok

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