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Ford Focus 2012-13 Mk3 Titanium

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Hi Guys

When I bought my Focus above I assumed it had disc brakes all round

but after preparing for all long trip I discovered it had drums on rear

Once I arrived at journeys end I happened to park close to a 12 plate

Focus Estate, shock horror it had disc brakes all round...

I looked at online Focus Brochure and they don't describe brakes

in detail, can disc brakes be retro fitted by aftermarket kits ?

and if so what would be needed and prices ??


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I would imagine it would be possible to retro fit discs at the rear but would not be cheap , you tend to find disc's all round on the higher engine models , for instance , my 1.6 petrol ecoboost has disc's all round but i believe the 1.6 125bhp model has drums.

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Hi preee thanks for that comment, although my 1.6tdci is 115bhp

I was thinking with the diesel lump being heavier than petrol front

brakes would get a caning with heavy stops, maybe im being

over cautious ?

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