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My ford focus 1.6 auto was impounded by police. They took the fuel out of it and now it don't start. I called the rac and he said it was the fuel pump where the police have took the fuel out even though I've put fuel init. Also the battery is dead and no lights come on the dash. Can anyone help me? Wy would it be the fuel pump and how would I get it to start? What can I do?

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First question... why did they take the fuel out of it?

Second question, whats the chances that they left the lights on and flattened the batteries.

Surely if they have taken it and they have caused this issue, they should be resolving it?

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if you can remove the fuel filter, do so and fill it with diesel, that should help it turn over. Also if you can find the find the bleed valve to let any air out of the fuel lines, that should help Then put a booster pack over it and keep trying to turn it over, hopefully that should suffice!

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