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Oil Leak

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Hi all,

My recently-purchased '08 Mondeo 1.8TDCi Zetec seems to have an oil leak, and not a recent one, by the looks of it: there is oil on the left-hand side,on the chassis leg and around the auxiliary belt area. As a matter of course, I replaced the sump gasket and cleaned out what I could of the leakage, but it made no difference. There was some oil just under the idler pulley, but I think that it is just bolted onto the block, with no connection to the oil circuit. Is that correct? I don't think it is coming from the oil filter carrier/oil cooler either, but more likely from somewhere around the middle/top of the auxiliary belt pulleys. Would anybody have any pointers to a common or likely culprit? I will try to jet wash the leakage tomorrow to get a better idea of the source, but I just hope that it is something that I can sort out myself....with your help.

Thanks in advance,


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Well, I pressure-washed the engine the best I could this morning, drove home, rolled the car on the ramps, and... found out that there seems to be 2 leaks, not just the one!! however, one is from the crankshaft position sensor:


no O ring! No surprise it was leaking... I'm now faced with the challenge of finding an O ring without forking out for the whole sensor.

As for other side, I'm not sure whether it is leaking from the oil cooler gasket or further up, as there was some oil on the underside of what seems to be the belt tensioner. I guess I'll have to have a look through the wheel arch when I get the chance.

Would anybody have any pointers to a common or likely culprit?

Thanks for your help,


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