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Courtesy Cars Now Insured Through Your Own Insurance?!


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My fiesta went in for its first service today, found out that it has a slight oil leak from the rocker cover.

In all honesty that means nothing to me. So Ford have ordered a part and want me to go back in next week.

It'll be hard because I work in the week, so Ford offered a courtesy car. All well and good.

But it now turns out that they don't insure the cars themselves. If I want a courtesy car I have to insure it myself through my own insurance. What a rip off.

I can see the logic in it. But still annoying when it's not my fault yet I'd end up out of pocket because of it.

Decided I'll walk to the train station instead :p

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I remember having a courtesy car for a service a few years ago at my local Ford dealer and I was too young for their insurance so I added it to my policy for a day. I think I was with Direct Line at the time and they didn't charge me :) (probably changed now and they charge for everything!)

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After a slight bump last year, my Insurers automatically covered me on a courtesy car (which was interesting, as I hadn't selected the option for one) at no extra charge

About the only good thing they have done...

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If a courtesy car is provided by an insurance company then you're covered usually third party unless advised otherwise.

Cars provided via garages/dealers are excluded as per standard insurance regulations.

Many come undone with this clause when pulled over.

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