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S Badge Placement

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So ordered another S badge for the rear of my zetec S! Wanted people to know from behind its was ZS and not just from the side badges.


My question is could I relocate the current Zetec badge to the left a bit without ruining it? I paid £13 for the S don't want to buy another Zetec badge! I believe it will look too crowed if i stuck it beside the zetec in its current position!

Whats peoples thoughts?

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If your very gentle and patient, and get it right... Yes you can..

Make sure your car is clean and grease free where u want to move it to!

What I have done in the past is used masking tape to continue a straight line under the lettering, so it stays on the same level it's currently at... Then heat each letter gently not too much, just enough to make the sticky pads on the back warm and come with the letters, not stay on the car, prising them off with a flat bladed screwdriver covered in tape (so it doesn't scratch the paint!) then place the letter where you want it, and push hard.

Once cooled down again they stick fairly well, I had a disaster with one of the "E"s in the zetec on a friends car, but superglue sorted it!!

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lol thanks for the reply mate!

do they stand up against the powerwasher once relocated okay! sounds like a lot of effort im tempted to just slot the S in beside the current zetec position but i just know it will look too close to the boot opening and !Removed! me off haha! thanks for the tip using the tape i like things to be lined up perfectly I just want it looking like it was done from factory!

have you yours done or debadged?

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I'm debadged, all apart from the tdci badge... And the S on the wings.

I don't know if they stand up to jet wash once moved, his are still on after a good few months now..

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