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Focus Oil - Which Brand Is Best?


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I am looking to do an oil change every 6 months on my focus, mid service interval to keep the car fresh and running at its peak.

I know the oil required is 5-30w and that ford recomends Castrol magnatec. (even though my local ford dealer uses Shell helix)

Is magnatec the best stuff to use or is there any better quality brands.

I am not looking to cut corners as i want to use the best quality oil.

Have heard Mobil 1 does some decent stuff.

Any others

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Ive just done mine and used Millers XF Longlife Eco, just think Millers do a good oil,

prob being said before but for those running maps and modded engines, its good practice to spec up your oil for what and how you are running.

You will eventually learn that the any oil is better than no oil approach has serious limitations.

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i used to use Mobil super fe 5-30w semi synthetic for zetec engines on my mk1.5 2.0 esp. but don't know on this new mk2.5 titanium as it will be serviced at dealers as part of deal at purchase time.


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Shell Helix Ultra Extra 5W-30 is what ford now use
is a premium-grade, fully synthetic engine oil scientifically
formulated with ultimate active cleansing technology. It works harder
than conventional motor oils to continuously prevent dirt and sludge
build up while protecting sensitive exhaust gas treatment systems. For
maximum responsiveness and improved performance, enabling your engine to
operate at its full potential right up to the next oil change.

Helix Ultra Extra is a unique, fully synthetic lubricant giving
ultimate engine and exhaust after treatment protection for performance
motoring , is approved by leading car manufacturers such as Mercedes
Benz, VW and BMW in support of increased oil change intervals and
exhaust after treatment device protection.

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Yeah the Shell helix does seem to be a good oil, however i remember having a service on my old mk1.5 focus 1.6 petrol at the main dealers and they used Shell helix, but i remember after 3 months the oil level was very low again, so i stuck some cheap Halfords oil in and that lasted the rest of the 9 months before the next service and the dipstick never moved from full (strange)

The other thing related to that service is that ford recomended an engine flush with the major service i had at the time, my car never seemed to run as smooth again and was a bit noisier after that.

I have seen on the web that my local national tyres and autocentre do oil changes, they use Castrol magnatec and charge only £32 for the change, which i thought was very good. Never used NATIONAL before any nightmares from them with customers.

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Had my service a few months back oil level fine oil still clean so cant complain as for nt my sister had brakes done and they snapped the wheel bolts 2 of and said nothing another one snapoed and tore the wheel off and the front wing other than that ive heard that they put cheap oil in expensive containers personally i dont rate them and just stick to fords recommendations oil wise

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Mine was serviced at ford in December and the oil hasn't moved and still light brown coloured and clear. Will be servicing myself this year and will use the shell helix oil.

is it actually a good thing that the oil hasn't changed color? doesnt that mean that its not picking up any dirt

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