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Hesitating And Not So Good Mpg


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Morning all,

Just been away for a fortnight in the Focus-it's a 55 1.6 100hp petrol manual.

It seems to hesitate when under mid throttle in 2nd and 3rd - it's a bit like it's missing but it's not-put your foot down and it's alright. It's had a new coil pack, air filter and plugs.

The car has done 42000miles with a full Ford service history.

It's not particularly good on mpg either.

Could it need a new fuel filter?

Any suggestions would be most welcome!



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what mpg are you getting on that model 36mpg or more is pretty good the hesitation could be many things was the coil pack a genuine one or a cheap one the cheap ones never work and cause misfires also did you gap the plugs to 1.0mm most plugs come pregapped for the focus at the old gap of 1.3mm you didnt change leads which is a false economy you should do coil pack and leads together as if the leads are faulty and you just do the coil pack the leads will mean the misfires still there which eventually can knacker the coil pack again

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Coil pack and plugs were fitted at a Ford main dealer (brother in law works there).

it doesn't seem to be a misfire-it's as if its going uh-uh-uh-a bit like fuel starvation (the wife doesn't notice it).

I don't think it's getting anywhere near 36mpg.

I'll check the plug gaps as well.



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