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Clutch Pedal Hydraulic Spring

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Hi guys, while coming to gradual stop I felt this plastic inch long screw fall near my feet in the footwell. Car is working fine, although the clutch has gone down slightly and when ever I use the clutch it just doesn't feel right, I'm nervous to use it extensively.

I've been told its come off a spring just above the clutch pedal and I have now removed the spring which it fits in. It's purpose is apparently to take the pressure off when pressing the pedal down, how true this is I don't know. ford have advised a new cylinder something something needs to be fitted, something else needs to be bleed..in total just the parts cost came to £250!!! I don't know much about the clutch pedal so can anyone advise?? The part that's come off is a long plastic screw with an outer spring that is straight and no hook attached, about the size of index finger. As you can see from the picture of the yellow screw the top has been chipped off.

Just need to know if there is a cheaper solution or any advise.

Thanks guys.


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