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Garage Door Broken


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Ok guys out of all things that could go wrong with my car the garage door in front of the gear stick has broken and wont click shut how can I go about fixing it or will I need a new one as its bugging the !Removed! out of me

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A few pictures to help you tell if something is broken or missing on yours-




Incidentally I happen to have a spare MK2 ashtray unit (you can swap the fronts over if you have a different finish by popping out two metal pins and unhooking the hinges).



Not sure what they normally go for on eBay.

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Slightly stupid question here but how do I get in about to see if any of the above items are broken. My one is totally different as I don't have the charging port in there its just a space I use to store my phone while driving.

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You'd need to remove the upper part of your centre console as the front lip of the console holds the bottom of the tray in place (the tray hooks in from the top and then the bottom bit pushes into place and the console locks it in position).

Hopefully once you gt the tray out the photos may help you opientate yourself.

The trays are the same dimensions and have the same mechanisms, the only differences are inside the tray as you say.

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