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02 Focus Tdci Starting Issue


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hi there i recently brought a focus TDCI and im having issues getting to run it will start but cuts out the second it dose i know the car is getting fuel and the car was recently serviced so im told but fuel filter and air filter look brand new

just wondering if anybody has had this problem and if so what they did to fix it

thanks look forward to hearing your comments

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Hi don't rule out the diesel pump being the problem., if your in AA/RAC with home start, they will come and try and start it for you, plus they have all the gear to test it, and will tow you to get it fixed.

just in case you want to test it your self, you need a can of easy start and someone to start the car.post-2425-0-61241900-1375967428_thumb.jp

this will tell you if it is a diesel pump problem.

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hi alz just in process of doing that very thing my mother in law has AA home start, and is going to get them to come and have a look and diagnose it for me but i will try the easy start to try rule diesel pump out......... i don't think it is the diesel pump tho but i could be wrong as it is getting fuel and dose fire but dies straight away after AA have been out i will update the post with the results of their diagnosis so if other people have the same issue we can advise them of what the cause is

thanks for the reply you have been most helpful

all the best mushy pea


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More than likely an injector causing the fuel pressure to drop. The car will often give a lw fuel pressure code and say its the pump. The pump can increase the fuel delivery to the common rail as requested but if an injector is returning more fuel back to the tank or dumping more fuel into the engine than is required the pressure in the rail will drop. This would cause the pump to max out what it can deliver and then set a low fuel pressure code as the pressure will still drop. You will probably need 250 bar ish for the car to start and idle and upto 1600 bar+ to drive about.

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