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Focus Cuts Out At 3000Rpm In Second Gear - Please Help!


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Hello, I have a Ford Focus 2008 sport pack 1.6 [110] engine.

If I want to beans it, it's perfect in first, third, fourth & fifth - but in second when it hits 3k or 3.5k the whole car lags back like it hits the redline, and wont accelerate, even if I change into third. If I let go of the accelerator the engine cuts out and displays the battery & oil icon. The car can start up straight away even if going along. Also, even if I don't beans it in first, if I beans it in second it does the same thing, but only second. Every other gear I can take to 4.1k before the redline.

I've had this car for 4 months now, it's been doing it the odd time but now it doesn't want to rev over 3k in second, which is pretty useless especially when it has a sport pack -_-

If anyone can help it'd be great. When I first bought it, the engine light used to come on when it happened, so we got it diagnosed and these faults came back:

DPF (I don't believe its that, plus it was a grand to get done so hell no)

Additive Sensor

Fuel Pump, Filter, Injector or Pump.

Hope that helps, but when I took it back to Evans Halshaw apparently 'It's fine' - pah.

Anyway, hope someone can help!

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this may sound really stupid ........ but how much is / was in your tank at the time ??
mine does this also when i end up having about 15miles left in the tank.. i think its to be eco friendly to get you to a petrol station...
its really annoying but it stop people like me think aaahhh i will fill up tomorrow lol !! i do it straight away now. i dont even let it get to that point now. i dont like it lol

ok and ignore what i just said... i got carried away after reading like the first sentence lol !!

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