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Rear Anti Roll Bar/sway Bar Question


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Hi guys.

Quick questions:

1. Would the rear anti roll bar from a 2009 Ford Focus ST-3 be thicker in dimension and any different than the one on a 2010 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI?

2. Would there be any benefit from swapping the one currently on my TDCI to the one on the ST-3?


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1/ doubt if it would fit - it is probably completely different in design

2/ highly unlikely -

You can buy an adjustable anti-roll bar for the mk2 Focus ST225 - i would think it would fit your car

Do you feel your roadholding/ handling is lacking?

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That's what I thought as well. To be honest, the car handles great on the straight but going round bends at speed feels that it rolls a fair bit. Also, on hard acceleration, you can feel the weight transfer and under braking as well. I was thinking maybe stiffer anti roll bars and springs to reduce it all.

Still thinking of options as at the moment, I would mostly drive on motorways, which is just straights, so its not essential at this point in time. Would love the car lowered on Eibachs springs :)

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