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Ford Focus Zetec Cranking But Only Starts After 5-7 Seconds


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on the basic premise, your struggling to get either air, fuel or spark to the combination. If its a diesel, you may also be lacking compression.

Are you noticing a lack of power when the car drives? or any smoke?

Moving to the Focus section.

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the 1.8 has a few things as said air filter for one 2nd is the plugs gapped at 1.0mm most are pregapped and installed at 1.3mm so that doesnt help slight hesitation can be the coil pack when she is started do the revs stay level or are they up and down at idle if they are check the hose at the rear of the throttle body isnt collapsing and unplug the cable from the idle control valve if the car struggles with it unplugged its fine if theres no difference the idle control valve needs replaced and last have the battery checked for a faulty cell just cos its new doesnt mean it cant have a faulty cell in it and was it a silver calcium battery that was fitted

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