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Air Filter Change Problem

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I have a Mazda 121 basically the same as a fiesta mk 4 I have a standard air filter in box the air inlet sensor is housed in the air filter box when I want to put a cone filter on but will have nowhere for the sensor to go with put causing turbelance any ideas ( tube from the engine inlet has a metal casing with a chip connected with the sensor to the air filter box) will try and get pics thanks in advance

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On some cars K&N etc make kits with pipes/ hoses to refit the MAF sensor

In general the cone filter is a waste of time - it loses power because it draws warm air from under the bonnet (cooler air = more oxegen per cc = more power) and the most it achieves is more noise

Heat sheilds and cool air intakes do not work if the cone filter can draw any warm, underbonnet air

A lot of manufacturers now make encapsulated cone filters now (BMC, pipercross(viper)) to combat this problem

Fully encapsulated pipercross viper cone filter/ induction kit -


More info -


BMC cda (carbon dynamic airbox) -


Even so often the stock airbox outperforms these - this is because the stock airbox is often "tuned" or "matched" to the engine to boost torque a little (the aftermarket "performance" filters are not)

You may be better fitting a panel filter from K&N or pipercross -



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