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Focus Idling Problems


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hi people i have a 2003 2.0lt auto focus and having idle issues

when i stop at the lights the car shakes like made and the idle sounds like its going to cut out

but as soon as i pull off its perfectly fine ???

i had it put on a machine and they told me no 1 is losing compression ??

any ideas how to resolve this, i have has the idle valve changed and going to change the coil today?



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Hey buddy thanks for replying, I have changed today:




oil and air filters

Coil pack

Anf the rocker cover gasket

And after that I plugged into the machine and comes up with

Cylinder one misfire ?

Any ideas ??

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did you clear the fault code before replacing the above parts ? if not it is likely the same code also if you did clear the code before replacing the parts did you gap the plugs at 1.0mm most come pregapped at an incorrect 1.3mm ford changed it to 1.0mm to stop misfire and rough idling second is it a genuine ford coil pack or a cheap one the ford hates cheap plugs and leads and they always cause misfires and third are all the leads securely in position youll be surprised how many ive found that are too loose and finally with the engine running check for leaks from any of the vacum hoses onnected to the engine

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