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2010 Ford Focus Zetec 1.6 Tdci - Radio & Interior Light Issues

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Hi all,

So I just bought my third Focus yesterday, having previously owned a 1999 1.6 Petrol Zetec and a 2003 1.8 TDCi Sport, I have now got a 2010 1.6 TDCi Zetec. Unfortunately, driving it home to Cardiff late last night from CarGiant (near Wembley) I have discovered a couple of faults and wondered whether anyone can offer any advice. It's going to be a nightmare trying to get fixes from CarGiant as a) they were decidedly unhelpful to begin with so I'm not expecting any kind of good after-sales advice, and it's a long way to go.

The first is the radio - it keeps cutting out. Randomly, sometimes for a few seconds, sometimes for a few minutes. It has a constant source of power as it remembers the date / time / last station, but then simply cuts out (by this I mean display off, sound off... basically off!) I'm wondering what the best thing I can do is to diagnose the problem. It is a single CD - KW2000.

The other problem is the interior light, pushing it to the '0' setting makes it come on permanently, whilst putting it the switch to '1' turns it off. When left in neutral I envisaged it should turn on/off automatically when the doors open / close, but it just remains stubbornly off.

Be grateful for any assistance.

Many thanks,


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Also, does anyone know where I can get a manual for this particular vehicle?

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sounds very much like a wiring fault there sadly i would take it straight back regardless of how helpfull they were as wiring issues can be a pain in the rear to track down

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