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Retrofit Keyless Entry


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Hi all,

I've just treated myself to an upgrade from a 10 yr old Mk1 1.9TDCi Focus Ghia to a 1 yr old Mk4 1.6 Titanium X - Woah! Slight difference!! I have to keep pinching myself that I own this new thing!

I got a cracking deal on the car but one of the things I had to drop of my spec list was keyless entry. Since buying it I'm wishing I hadn't.

Do any of you kind lot know if it is possible to retrofit the true Ford solution for this. The car knows the keys are present to do the touch start so I'm guessing/hoping there isn't too much kit missing in order to allow it?

The local Ford dealer has suggested it's not but it felt like a stock answer.

Appreciating your help in advance and apologies if it's a common question and I've not managed to find the answer already.

Ed :)

Fiesta Mk1 1.3, Fiesta Sport 1.3 Mk2, Ford Focus TDCi Mk1, Ford Focus TDCi Mk2, Ford Focus 1.6 TitaniumX

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