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Ford Escourt (Mark 4) For Sale!!

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I am new to this site and wonder if anyone could please help me?

I have a Ford Escourt Mark 4 (5dr) 1989. I am reluctantly wanting to sell this car.

I have had the car for approximately 5 years now and inheritted this vehicle from my lovely Grandad who owned the car for approximately 10 years prior to this, I therefore have a good history of service and MOT on this vehicle. As far as I am aware there were only 2 previous owners before.

This Car (Bessie!) was my Grandad's and my pride of joy! I really wanted to keep the car for sentimental reasons as well as the car being a classic model however unfortunately it is no longer feasible for me to keep the car as I move Countries quite often. I feel that she needs the time and attention that I can't give anymore and I would love for someone to invest this time and a bit of money to give her a new lease of life!!

The car has been off road and stationary for approx 2 years now. It is a gun metal grey colour, all original interior, and pretty good condition. There is a little rust around the wheel arches but other than that very good.

I am looking really for two pieces of information, firstly if there are any mechanics, or car experts online as I am trying to find out what potential repairs the car may need to get her back on the road? so that I can advise potential buyers.

And with the car becoming a classic any time now, how much the car would be worth in this state?

All help will be very much appreciated!

Many thanks

Kind Regards


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