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Escort Or Focus For Mpg

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Hey Guys,

Sorry if this has been asked before, however I could not find the topic.

I am having a rather tough time deciding on the following:

I currently own a Escort 99 1.6 Finesse with 107k on the clock, the car is getting old with large amount of rust around the arches and my MOT is coming up which I'm guessing its going to fail due to some welding etc (like normal)

I'm currently getting good MPG - about 38 (around 400 miles to a tank)

A local garage is selling a 2.0 1999 Ghia Focus with 127k on the clock, they are selling it really cheap with an MOT. It has no rust and good condition - all I need is to tax and insure it.

My question is:

How much does a 2.0L Focus cost to run - MPG wise etc as I don't want to go for the focus and it end up costing me a large amount in tax and petrol, compared to the Escort. (I have looked on websites but they come up with the official stats from Ford)

Do you think it is wise car to go for?

Thanks for your time,


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Hi Dale,

It sounds like a good deal, but we cant really tell you about it.

If its got a full service history, and the engine and exhaust systems are as good as the bodywork, you could be seeing very little difference in your MPG, but as its got the MOT it will save you money short term getting yours fixed...

As for the long term, cost differs depending on the care of the car, and its engine, and also the service history. Tax appears to be around the £280 from a quick search (apparently it may be group K) but cant say for definite.

Insurance goes up to group 10 after a quick search, so not a high group at all.

I would say its not a bad step, but it really is down to you, there is every possibility your about to buy a lemon, and end up paying a lot to start, otherwise you might be looking to pay very little and get a gem of a car...

If I was you, I would weigh up the cost of getting your car through its MOT, all repairs to get the car to the focus standard, and then weight that up against the cost of the focus (including insurance, tax etc). From there, you need to decide if you are going to pay too much to jump!

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The bottom line is the Focus is already MOTd - the escort may cost a lot of money/ hassle to MOT

The Ghia spec is nice - "quality" interiors comfortable, well equipped

The 2.0L engine is powerful - a 2.0L mk1 Focus is quite a quick car - plenty of power for "safe overtaking"

So the 2.0L Ghia Focus is a step up/ upgrade from the 1.6L "finnesse"(probably a "L" or "LX" with extra stickers)

So the Focus is a better car

As for MPG, if you drive carefully you may see as much as your Escort, but i would expect to see a bit of a drop to about 35mpg (depending on conditions/ driving style) if you drive it harder you are probably looking at 28-30MPG

Personally - i would jump at getting the Focus rather than keeping the Escort - there comes a time when you ar spending more and more money on a car and it is worth less and less

The Focus can break/ wear out as well as the Escort - but personally i would rather have to spend on the Focus than the Escort

With the Focus having an MOT you don't have to worry about that and its a nice car to drive and to own

You can always find out how much the insurance is for the Focus on the 'tinternet

However - If you do a high milage or MPG is a major priority a diesel may be a good idea

Any car costs money to run - its just a question of weighing it all up, and what your priorities are - its your decision at the end of the day

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my mum had a 2.0l focus mk1 and it would do 28-35 MPG around town and close to 40 MPG on the motorways

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