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Ford Fiesta Encore 1.3 Engine Cutting Out Whilst Slowing Down


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Hi, first of all sorry if this is in the wrong place.

I have a 97 1.3 encore and it has started basically cutting out whilst slowing down, Usually approaching a roundabout or a junction and on the motorway whilst slowing down. Which is becoming a bit dangerous so I need to try and get it sorted. Probably won't be keeping it much longer but it's just been put through it's mot so want to get a few months out of it atleast if i can.

I know it had the idle speed control valve replaced a few years ago with one from a scrappy, and that the spark plugs aren't too old either.

the car starts and generally runs fine. Just this problem now when slowing and braking/shifting down.

When it does happen all the electrics like the radio etc stay on but the engine just doesn't seem to be revving, Once or twice it's managed to get going again but I usually have to restart the engine to get going again.

any idea's?

It's probably a while since it's been serviced fully but I'm not sure if things like a clogged up air filter etc would cause it or not?

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i had a very similar problem on my peugeot 206 ( would never buy a peugeot again).

Anyway, i had a similar problem to the one your describing.

I had to change my coil / plugs.

Very weird. Just kept cutting out everytime i hit lower revs in low gears.

All my electrics still on, but no engine.

Changed the coil / plugs - no more agro.

It was the coil that did it.

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Thanks for the response, I've spoke to a few people who have had similar problems all with different causes, So I'm going to have a look at the pipes for any cracks first, try and give everything a good clean then start working up from the spark plugs.

Would the coil be an expensive job if it was that? I'm possibly scrapping the car in a few months anyway as it is on it's last legs mot wise and only really use it for short journeys usually which the car is fine with.

The problem seems to get worse when the car is warm, and I've also noticed that the heaters blow like they are supposed to but after a bit, usually as the cutting out problem starts the blowers start blowing really hot air. Although that may be unrelated.

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Spray a bit of the good stuff (WD40) if you havent already ;)

I cannot really say how much a coil will cost, but what i can tell you is the one from my peugeot was 40 quid.

I would start on your spark plugs as well.

Good luck!

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Thanks, Going to start first with the spark plugs tomorrow, I did have a quick look yesterday and saw that one of the spark plugs was considerably dirtier than the other 3 , Not sure if that means anything But I'll replace those first anyway.

I'll look into getting the air filter changed too.

I've been told to check for leaks in any pipes but not 100% sure which pipes to look at. I can see 2 pipes from the IAC valve so I'm going to check those but is there anything else I could look at?

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i would take it one step at a time.

Is there any dashboard lights showing? (if you can run the engine)

I dont know much about your model myself, so i wouldn't want to give you any false information.

However if your spark plug looks iffy.

Thats where i would start.

I would look at the two components i looked at (coil / spark plugs).

and go from there.

Unfortunately like my peugeot was, your car is suffering from old age.

When they get passed 12 years old, you are usually faced with a few more problems.

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I think I may have narrowed it down to the idle air control valve although I could be wrong.

here is a video that I took this afternoon.

Basically just revving the car a bit whilst the car is parked up and then as soon as the revs drop the car either stutters or like in the video it just cuts out.

Should I have a go at maybe just cleaning the valve or replacing it? I think they are going pretty cheap on ebay, That's provided it is the valve anyway.

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Yep exactly the same as my peugeot had.

Have you looked at the coil?

I wouldn't clean the valve if its easy to get too and you can get a replacement, i would simply replace it.

That way if you replace it and you have the same problem you know the valve isn't the problem.

This is my order in which i would change:

Spark Plugs



I know this maybe a silly question but you have checked its got sufficient oil haven't you?

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Yeh well, I put more oil in the other day actually so oil should be ok. The spark plugs are only about 18 months old so I'm not too sure they would be a problem, I've just bought a valve of ebay for about 15 quid so I'll see what happens with that, Looks easy enough to fit so worth a shot first. The coil looks like it might be a bit harder to do if it is that,

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well i had the same problem as already stated.

I changed a lot of things.

Turned out to be the coil.

If i kept revving it hard enough, it would stay on.

Another maybe silly question, you haven't driven through any water since experiencing the problem have you>?>

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As driving through water and having damp electrics / components could also be a reason.

Im just clutching a straws here.

I was working on a clio last year in which kept cutting out, turned out that the plonker had drove behind a lorry on motorway fairly close, spray hit the bonnet, water got into his plugs.

Took a few days, a good hair dryer and a can of WD40 to get it back to normal.

Just a thought.

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No, I first noticed it about a month ago on a drive to wales during the warm weather, than it was hit and miss but it seems to have gradually got a bit worse since then.

I've ordered a replacement idle throttle valve so I'll try that first then report back.

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The new idle valve seems to have done the trick. Not tested it properly on the motorway but been out for a bit of a drive and been giving it a lot of revs and releasing the accelerator and it is idling much more smoothly and not cutting out. Infact it's idling so much better that I keep thinking the engine is off!

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