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Leak, I Think Coolant

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Hi all,

I spotted a puddle the last few days to t he left bottom on the floor at the front, when standing infront. I looks like coolant but the level is only just below max.

Here is a photo


Yesterday the rubber pipe in the middle of the pic had a drip and you can just make out the white coolant residue on the rubber.

Today the pipe with the metal cuff had the coolant at the bottom of the u bend bit.

M guessing its coolant as when I looked at the drip hanging it was red/orange tinged.

No air con has been used either.

I put apiece of cars under last night and not a drop. But today I saw apuddle about the size of a medium pizza in diameter splat on the floor.

Any ideas ideas ?

I ran it up to temp, looking for any leaks none. Seems to do it when left after a drive.

Checked the rad and pipes no sign. I'm a bit stumped.

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Theres a leak hole on the water pump so may be from there you need to get under and trace the drip

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I took some more photos this morning. The coolant appears to have collected on the silver part and dripped down, which makes me think a weep on the lower rad hose ?


Bottom rad hose,


On this one in the middle of the pic is some residue


This is from above that part in the middle seems where the coolant collects nd drips down. Would that indicate that this is not the waterpump ? As its in this area. The bottom rad hose has some wrinkles on and looks old.


Looks bad but more saturation from the look of it.



I left it running and watched the whole as area and saw nothing, then turned off and watched and nothing.

What kind of leak is this selective shouldn't it be constant.

Going to try and find the water pump weep hole

Thanks, hope the pics shed some more light.

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