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Karcher Pressure Washer

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So I recently passed my test (July) and have a metallic black fiesta... Only a 51 plate but I love her none the less!

I enjoy cleaning it... that's an understatement... I really let my compulsions out on the poor girl!

Anyways my mum brought home some "wash and wax" solution for the karcher but I'm not sure as to whether it's actually effective or whether i'm better off sticking to what i'm using (macguier's quik detailer and a clay bar kit, and turtle wax... not every time I give my car a clean).

My friend and I seem to just talk about cars constantly and he mentioned not waxing too often (maybe twice a year... 3 times max when really necessary) so I was wondering if this wash and wax would do more harm than good?

Would the wax element of the cleaner actually damage the paintwork if used too often, say once every 2 weeks, once a week, weather dependent?

Also does anyone know of a better alternative?

Auto Glym do a bottled solution that I imagine with the branding would be pretty effective although Karcher recommend using just theres so i'm in 2 minds as to whether it'd damage the system and i'd have to replace that for the sake of being stubborn!

Also, being a 12 year old car there are a lot of visible swirls on the paintwork... whats the best product I can use to eliminate most of these? Other than a respray!

I was told poorboys is pretty effective?

I'm new to the forum so any advice is greatly appreciated! :) :) :)

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Wash and Wax won't have anywhere near the effect as waxing, it just adds a little more shine than normal cleaners.

I've recently started using some stuff called Wonderwash, you don't use any water, just spray it on, wipe it off and then buff with a separate cloth. Cleans amazingly, removes tar too with a decent bit of work, and adds a fantastic shine.

Can be used on everything but the windscreen :P

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In all the years I have been a car owner ( wow that makes me feel old) there is no substitute for a proper hard wax polish and some elbow grease.

My garage is full of all sorts of types of polish and wash waxes that I have bought over the years.

I have although found that Maguires clay bar system is good but I now use Autoglym high definition wax.

Like everything you only get out what you put in and solid wax is not as quick as some polish products to deal with but the results I get are superior to anything else I have tried.

I use Maguires gold shampoo, not cheap but worth it.

I also have found that there is no substitute for hand washing with a mitt and using 2 buckets, one for shampoo the other to rinse the mitt.

And yes I have a nearly new power washer with brush attachments that would only scratch the paint so its used for removing the heavy grime and rinsing off after washing ( no brush)

Hope my Mrs don't read this or else she will look in to my garage cupboards and no doubt complain at the money I have spent.



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would recommend if you have a pressure washer get a snow foam lance they are the dogs doodahs for prewashing ,

black car would recommend using cherry glaze then black magic form autobrite direct not cheap but worth it have got a link for a deal from autobrite direct for a hd snow foam lance and foam

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Yea a snow lance is a good shout! I got my friend to come round to use the karcher after a tesco washer broke half way through a wash and he was shocked at how strong it was!

I bought some maguiers ultimate quik detailer which was amazing for a water free wash! then their spray wax as well! I'm in awe!

Any ideas on the swirl mark removal? I had a good go with a clay bar kit and got my paintwork looking pretty good... maybe i'm just wishing i had a newer car! ;) ha ha

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Clay wont remove the swirls,it just removes bonded contaminates

you will need to machine polish,all is not lost Auto glym super resin polish it wont remove the swirls but does a fine job masking them

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hey sorry ive not been about for a bit!

I bought some G3 paint restorer today and its done a spectacular job!

There's gonna be scratches from my motorway miles but my bonnet is looking amazing!

highly recommended!

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