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Creaking C Pillar

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Hi Guys

I have a mk6.5 Fiesta not a Fusion but thought you guys might be of some help anyway? I had no luck in the Fiesta Forum

My Fiesta has been in my family since new and has always had the creaking/ squeaking sound coming from the C pillars. We went to Ford multiple times when the car was new and recently when I took over the car I decided to try again with independents but no one has seemed to be able to fix it.

The only solution I have is to give both pillars and the roof lining above the C pillars a little push every time before driving and it usually sorts it, but sometimes this doesn't even work. There is one side that makes more noise and is also looser when pushed than the other.

I have tried stuffing it with rubber seals and felt to increase tension and taking the clips off the panel to release tension and spraying WD40 - none of these worked

Has anyone else had this problem with their Fusion or know of a way to fix it?

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I wanted to say something about rubber seals but you already tried that.

The only thing could be that it's on the wrong place of that there's something else creaking in the vicinity of the C-pillar.

If you remove the C-pillar covers, is the creaking gone or still there, then at least you know it's really the C-pillar.

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I had a listen on the way to work this morning and concluded there are two creaks happening.

1. I dont think there is enough padding/ one of the c pillar clips aren't connecting properly so they are making a noise - this noise is fixed when i give the panel a push

2. There is sort of a metal creak when I drive on any sort of road, it doesn't get worse or improve with road conditions its just there.

I will take the panel off when I get home tonight and go for a spin around the block to see if I can figure out creak number 2. I assume realligning the panel will fix creak 1. I read on another forum it might be the the fuel tank straps need some WD40 or a loose boot latch but my metal creak seems to be coming from the where the seat belt comes out, maybe there is something I can tighten when the c pillar panel is off?

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What was the outcome of this?

I would suggest that this really should be in the fiesta section, so we may move this post over there leaving a shortcut here.

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Sorry! I forgot to post my outcome,

I pulled the C-panel off and stuffed it with some rubber tubing to increase the pressure even more than previously and used some Silicone WD on all the seals. I think some of the clips might not clip in properly...

It worked well for a while but today the creaking came back. I had just placed my rubber tubing inside the c pillar so I might take it off again and glue them (i felt the panel and there was more movement again) this time as the rubber tubing could have moved.

Sorry jeebowhite, I tried the Fiesta section with no response so I thought I would try another forum to see if anyone else had had this problem with their car and thought the Fusion would probably be the next closest thing to my Fiesta

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