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Mystery Mp3 Tracks


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Hi all. Looking for some help regarding the presence of 20 mp3 tracks on my Fiesta 2013 Zetec.

When I press the M button on the steering wheel, I can select radio, line in and mp3. When mp3 is selected 20 tracks play in sequence lasting approximately an hour. I have never connected any MP3 device to this car and have never loaded a cd with mp3 tracks.

So my question is, "where are they coming from?" Did ford load them into memory at the factory or is there some other explanation? I can't find any reference in the manual.

Can anyone throw any light on this?

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while we are on a kinda of radio related topic, anyone know how to tune in the DAB radio? can only seem to pick a few channels even when done manually, i know there are more out there the one in the house can find plenty more so its not the area with poor signal

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this sounds like a wind-up

I can assure you it's not.

I don't have any cd or usb connected and I have no music on my phone.

The tracks are actually quite good!

The only possibility must be that the radio system has memory and these have been loaded by Ford or the supplying dealer, but there is no reference in the handbook to being able to do this. ??

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My focus calls the USB input USB though.

Are you sure a CD has not been left in the hu?

What are all the options available as you go through the sources, you should have dab and CD in there somewhere as well.

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That's what I thought, but isn't there a second USB port behind the glovebox used for updates or something? Could that potentially have something left in it?

2nd usb doesn't work, only power comes from it.

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