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can anyone help, i have just had fitted a pke keyless entry and alarm systen fitted to my fiesta, the keyless entry and start/stop button work fine, the alarm activates/deactivates fine when you walk to and away from car, BUT exactly 30 mins after arming the alarm goes off! i have tested this 4 times now and its exactly 30 mins every time... does anyone know what is going on within the car that would trigger the alarm after 30 mins??


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It may be that the car enters a deep sleep state after 30mins to conserve power and it the alarm is incorrectly detecting it as someone disconnecting the battery. Perhaps they have use the wrong live wire for detection.

Or it could be that the alarm enters a heightened state after 30mins and something keeps setting it off.

The fact that it happens after 30mins must mean something on a timer is happening at that point, but hopefully the company that fitted it will know their product enough to sort it :)

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