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Heater Cable Problem 2

Chris Chopper

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Hi I need help installing a replacement heater select cable on my 2007 zetec focus 1.6 I have the cable I can remove the end nearest to the control panel but I can't see how to get to the other end can anyone please help?

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Do you mean the thin wire that controls the temperature or the spring cable with the green ends?

If the green ended one then the rear connector just pulls out, there is a small plastic clip on the end but is a gripper type and just pulls clear.

If it's the thin wire then as stated above the cable goes down to the heater matrix and connects behind the centre console/glovebox.


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I see the diagram but it only shoes the top end I can do all that at the moment, I have removed pretty much everything that I can to gain access to the area but still I can't reach the end, There is a large ish triangle ish shaped metal plate that looks to be holding some things in place I'm not sure what its holding together but it seems to be in the way any ideas? I can't believe that this one part is so hard to reach and I'm really hoping that I don't need to go to the main dealer although I might have to just let my wallet take the hit. Any more diagrams or advice please

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