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Heater Problems: 2010 Fiesta Titanium


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Looking for some help please as so far not getting anywhere with local dealer.

I have a petrol 2010 Fiesta Titanium and over the last few months have had a heater problem. The car will get warm and blow warm to the set temp for about 10 minutes, after that it just blows cold. It i turn it up a notch it goes warm for a few minutes then cold again. This happens on all temp settings apart from hi where it blows very hot continuously. The dealer first reset the electrics and said it was fixed, it wasn't. Then they replaced the control panel and said it was fixed. It wasn't, the car then blew hot 5 secs then cold 5 secs and so on. They then said the fault was a small sensor behind the dashboard so replaced that. Got the car back and seemed slightly better as the car would maintain heat much longer but just not very warm however I now had an electrical buzz noise. Cars been back in today, the noise has been fixed but the temp is back to blowing continuous cold after 10 mins.

Any ideas?? Any help really appreciated as feel like I'm not getting anywhere with dealer and warranty runs out end of the month.

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Its certainly a strange fault im wondering if its possibly a problem with either the thermostat or possibly ablockage in the radiator circuit. Id get in touch with ford customer services and explain to them the problems you're having and that your warrantys up in a month and you're concerned that the dealer isnt making any grounds fixing the problem

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Many thanks for your post. I will get on to Ford customer services and see what they can advise. The cold weather will soon be here so not wanting to drive round in a car with no heat! I'm just fed up of going back and forth to the dealer and getting nowhere!

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