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Zetec 1.0 Ecoboost


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Hi guys just joined this forum and i am totally new to all of this. Just bought the new ford fiesta zetec 1.0 ecoboost should arrive this week hopefully in red. Just wondering what I can do to it to make it stand out that bit more ? like the look of the zetec s, so just wondering about getting a body upgrade of some sort to make it look a bit more "sporty". so if anyone has any information on this that would be great or anything else which would help me just to try and make my car stand out that bit more would be great.

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Welcome Jon.

I can't really help you with the styling upgrades but be sure to get some pics uploaded when you get the car! :-)

An easy addition might be some colour matched footwell lights. Something like this maybe:


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yeah I definitely will Leroy, just need to find out some more information on the dress up kit as I'm not exactly sure what you get with it and how much of a difference it would make and i presume it would fit a standard zetec ecoboost.

alloys is definitely going to be purchased in the dirst week of having it. Thinking black but I've seen the alloys you have on your's and the white outline really gives it that extra touch I like.

Any good websites for fiesta alloys which would fit a zetec 1.0 ecoboost would be helpful.

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Hi! Thnx!

I'm pretty sure it will fit on a standard zetec.

I wish i could help you with the sites, but i'm from Holland ;). Btw the outline is silver :)
I'm sure some guys/girls here could give you some information on some good sites/ stores!

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