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Fiesta Mk7 1.4 '10 Upgrade/s

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Hello All,
I am fairly new to modding/upgrading cars, been kind of scared of breaking or damaging.
I am looking to upgrade my MK7 white 1.4 duratec 2010 fiesta zetec. (96PS, 3dr)
It is pretty bog standard as zetecs come.
I am looking at getting; rear lower diffuser; HID/Xenon lights; exhaust/tip; and rear spoiler.
I have looked around sellers and websites, they tend not to do anything with 1.4 petrols with regards to performance.
I have looked at the above parts and I am asking advice from anyone on whether they are correct, anything on installation help/advice and if you would use different parts ( or if my parts are completely wrong and wont fit). I dont want anything Outrageous, just something that looks nicer than stock.
I am on the UK and travel most of the southern area so dont mind travelling for parts.
exact same as my car:

Rear Lower diffuser + spoiler + exhaust:
This to be honest is the look i want for my car in the end (but my car is white).
Does anyone know where these parts are available?
I dont want to spend £1000's on it.

the only thing else is the xenon/HID light kit.
I dont really know what i need for it to be honest.
Thank you all in advance
kindest regards

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Here's the diffuser in your picture, looking at buying it myself.


Here's the guide for it on the mk7.5


Regards to the xenon HID Kit, you just need a h7 figment type kit and the colour of your choice. People normally have 6000k or 8000k, the 8000k is a more tinted ice blue. Just to inform you though that they are illegal and can void your insurance and won't pass an mot apparently.

These are what you want though


Hope this all helps :)

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Thank you for the reply.
With regards to the Lights, I'll probably give them a miss for now.
But regards to the diffuser, I found this one too, but it says for 7.5 ST.
i did read that it says i need the flaps to fit mk7. Is this the one they are talking about?


Do you know anywhere else that sells this other than ebay for cheaper?

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No worries and because it's from the mk7.5 st. So fits the facelift mk7 and indeed you do for the mk7 I think. yeh that is the one your thinking of and same as your picture. That's the cheapest place to buy it that I'm aware of though. Other members have bought it from there too.

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