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Xl Tyres

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I am about to buy a new set of tyres for my Ford Focus Zetec-S MK2 facelift. At the moment I have two different pairs of tyres (205/50/17) with 93XL load. The confusion comes from blackcircles.com, which determines the standard size and load for my focus as 205/50/17 W 89.

The problem is that I cannot find a desired tyres with W 89 index, while there are plenty of XL tyres of 205/50/17 size.

What would you do if you were me? Would you buy W 89 index tyres only or it is perfectly ok to go for 93XL tyre? Are there any implications on insurance, car performance, etc.?


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Coming from a retail tyre dealer, the main bit u need to have right is the w speed rating as a minimum, some fords came on extra load tyres-XL which is always the higher of the two load ratings 89-93 for that size of tyre. Depending on the size most manufacturers will choose one load rating so suit more vehicles and even in some cases the speed rating aswell. The 2005-2010 st came out on 92W 18 inch tyres but the 92Y was more commonly used which ment it was cheaper to buy because more manufacturers build them.

In ur case I would go for the 93w if that's what u have because there's risk u could void ur insurance by running under spec tyres, if you haven't had the car from brand new there's a chance they would of been 89w from the factory but still if the 93w are cheaper they wil work better on the car as they can carry more weight per axle.

Hope this helps.

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