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Aux In Position

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Anyone know a decent tidy way of routing a lead from the aux in inside glovebox to say the recess between the gearstick and arm rest?. Think the glovebox is a ridiculous place for it tbh.

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Some of the MK2.5 models with arm rest have a USB and AUX port under the arm rest. See this topic.

Even if you don't have an arm rest, you probably have the connector and that connector probably has all the wiring.

If you would prefer something easier, you can remove the glovebox, remove the connector from its current position, and then get a Male-to-Female 3.5 Jack lead. You can then connect that lead and route it wherever you like.

There might be other ways of doing that, but i would go for either of those two.

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Just this week I fitted a facelift centre console to my MK2 and dealt with this exact same situation.

As stated above, unplug the factory fit aux cable from the connector at the back of the radio and fit one with a 3.5 plug on the end then run it down behind the dash and under the console to the storage tray.

You'll need an extension to the cable as it's not long enough by itself.

If you buy a cable about 50 - 75 cm you'll have plenty of spare to pull around.

I'd recommend taping the joint to avoid the cables unplugging from each other inside the console.

To get under the top of the console undo the two screws under the armrest holding the handbrake surround in place, lift it up a few cm to allow the console top piece to lift up from the rear (one screw in the middle of the cup holders), unplug the front power socket and pop out and unscrew the gear knob/gaiter if removing the top cover completely for better access.

Remove the side panel near the clutch pedal (one screw under a pop out cover) to give you access to pull/push the cable through.

Run the cable down the drivers side of the console to avoid any risk of snagging on the gear selector mechanism.

Sounds a faff but won't take long and is easier than it sounds.

You'll probably find that there's a plastic tray at the bottom of the storage area, it will lift out to give you plenty of holes to push the cable through, a quick nip with a Dremel or hacksaw will leave a notch for the cable to come up past.

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