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Apprentice dragon slayer

One Feisty Fiesta Freestyle With A Fuel Issue

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Hi all,

Two months ago, after owning a license for eight years, I purchased my first car: an 02-plate 1.25 Fiesta Freestyle.

It's been sure worth the wait: the car oozes character, corners like a go-kart, and accelerates from 0 to 30 like a scalded cat. Compared to the diesel Pug 207 I've been insured on, it's like a rally car - unbelievable! Plus, with only 68,000 miles on the clock and barely a scratch in sight, this Fiesta was bargainous.

My only issue so far, though, is thirstiness. Around town, £10's worth of fuel gets me just 30 miles or so. Does this correlate with others' experiences? (Motorway driving, by the way, is much more efficient, even cruising at 80mph).

I've just joined this group and look forward to hearing people's thoughts!



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Since I also have a 2002 fiesta freestyle I thought I should chip in here! Welcome firstly, and the mk 5 fiesta is a really fun little car. I have driven plents of Corsas, Micras. Polos and other cars but the Fiesta handles best. Your car does seem to burn through petrol quite a bit though. When do you typically drive? Short distances with a cold engine? Or even with a lot of things/people in it? My car averages 40 MPG with plenty of mixed driving. and can do a good 320 miles+ on a full tank. But driving is key. If you have a really heavy foot your car will drink a lot. If you drive a lot in Hilly areas it will also, as will driving with Air Con on. But my advice basically is:

Check your tyre pressures- They can make a big difference in fuel economy

Check your driving- This is the biggest cause of poor fuel economy in a car.

And finally, keep a track of how far the car will go on how many litres, Keep receipts and use the trip computer. Then calculate it online. For reference 7.11 l/100km is 40MPG.

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That suggests your getting around 18 to the gallon. You are either very heavy footed or the cars not tuned properly and needs a good service. The only way to tell for sure is to brim the tank, zero the odometer and run till you need filling up again and do the calculation.

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Thanks, both - useful info. Jake, I know the other three are dead dull next to the Fiesta! I mainly use mine round town, rarely scaling any hills or using the air con. But I do admit to racing away after being stuck behind a grandma for ages... But I think the tyre pressure might be an issue, or there might even be a fuel tank leak, come to think of it - will get it checked out :)

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The Zetec SE engine loves to rev though, I know what you mean! ;) In which case do check the pressures and tank for any leaks. Also it's best not to run the tank empty all the time as it can kill a fuel pump, leading to a costly replacement.

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