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Focus 2.5 Speakers

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Hi, I've got a focus style & was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for some front Speakers that don't break the bank - the ones in there don't exactly sound the best...

Also interestingly, the sound quality from cd's isn't good but isn't terrible, but from the radio is absolutely dire! Any suggestions for why that might be?

Thanks : )


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The Speakers are not that bad. It is the original radio that causes the poor sound quality.

In my opinion you should start changing the radio for a better one first before changing the Speakers.

I previouly had the original MK2 6000CD radio in my car which has poor sound quality. I always thought the Speakers were causing the poor sound quality. After retrofitting the original Focus MK2.5 Sony 6-CD DAB radio and additional rear tweeters which are originally installed in combination with the Sony radio the sound quality is a lot better. In my opinion the Sony radio is a huge improvement.

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Thanks for that. So presumably if i were to replace the original radio with something like this the sound would be much improved?


I guess my problem with the above is that it doesn't really match the car, unlike the standard one which i actually think looks fairly good.

So... any other options to make the existing radio sound any better?

Thanks again

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Yes the sound of the Sony radio of your Ebay link will be much better than the standard radio.

In my opinion the Sony looks great but that is a matter of taste.


Note that a Sony radio from a Mondeo MK4 or S-max/Galaxy is not suitable for a Focus MK2.5. The Mondeo MK4 and S-max/Galaxy Sony radio is technically different than the Focus MK2.5 Sony radio. Both radio's look exactly the same but the communication protocol is different. A Mondeo MK4 or S-max/Galaxy Sony radio can not be configured in a Focus MK2.5 and in some cases shows "Unconfigured Mode" on the radio screen.

The Sony radio from a C-max or Kuga is technically identical to the Focus MK2.5 Sony radio. The only difference is the front of the radio. The Focus MK2.5 Sony has an oval shaped front (Island) while the C-max/Kuga Sony has a square front (like the Focus MK2).

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I have the standard sound system with the nav radio and it sounds better than most chavvy sound systems. Sounds amazing in fact.

Think it just your radio pal.

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Which is likely to give better audio quality?

The upgraded stock Sony headunit, OR those aftermarket eBay nav units such as this one:


I mean I want good sound quality, as the stock CD6000 unit is rubbish. But I also would like navigation, which the Sony unit obviously doesn't have.

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The sound quality of most Chinese satnav systems is in my opinion a bit disappointing. I listened to a few of these systems and in my opinion none of them could compete with the original Sony radio. There may be also a few Chinese satnav system that sound good but the ones i listened to did not.

If you want to buy a chinese satnav system it is better to listen to the radio before buying.

If you really want a satnav system You can also search for an OEM Ford/Blaupunkt Travelpilot FX radio. These radio's may be a little bit expensive but the sound quality is almost the same as the Sony.

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