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Led Cabin Light Problems..


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Hi guys, recently replaced my internal cabin lights with LEDs and when I set it on the "middle setting" so that the lights will turn on when I open the car with the remote keys.. But it seems that they don't turn off fully? The light stays on but ever so slightly.

I have to turn the lights off completely so that they won't stay on.. And this means the car won't light up because I can't have it on the middle setting! Any ideas?

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The problem of glowing LED Bulbs is one I have encountered on cars with interior lamps with a delay circuit.

The delay system causes a small residual current to be present at the bulb even when the lamp is 'off'

Normally, the tungsten bulb has enough resistance to prevent the glowing when the circuit is 'off'.

However, LEDs have very little internal resistance and so glow slightly even when the delay timer is 'off'.

I have cured this in the past by soldering a small 'Grain of Wheat' bulb (as used by modellers and which is rated at less than 0.5 watt) across the LED bulb. (Make sure the bulb is 12 volt as they come in various voltages)

This is just enough resistance to control the residual current and stops the LED glowing.

It should be enough to do this to just one of the bulbs if you have a system with more than one interior lamp controlled by the delay unit.

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