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Focus 2002 Key Fob Question


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My wife has a 2002 Focus. The key fob buttons have finally worn out so they no longer "click" and open and lock the doors.

Is she able to purchase a key fob from eBay, attach the original key to the new fob and then follow the programming technique i.e. 4 turns in the ignition etc?

Will this work or I am missing another step or not aware of another potential issue?

Thanks In advance for any help

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I have the original blade. Please can you explain how to transfer the immobiliser over to the new fob?



I've just found the following thread on the forum>> http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/lofiversion/index.php?t44205.html

Can anyone confirm.....

I need to remove the transponder (the small glass tube) and place this in the new fob. (does this literally just sit in the fob? Is it physically connected to anything?)

Then connect the original blade to the new fob,

Then reprogram.

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Just to clarify my understanding.......

The glass tube is simply re-inserted into the new fob? This takes care of the immobiliser.

The reprogramming is to then re sync the new circuit in the new fob with the car?

I assume great care is needed with the glass tube, Does this normally come out easily or is it a struggle? Can anyone offer any experience?

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Just to update this thread.

I purchased a replacement key off eBay.

As it was only the buttons that were broken I replaced the half of the key with the buttons and then reprogrammed the key and it worked fine

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