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Fiesta Zetec S 1.6 Fuse Help


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Hello just recently borght a zetec s 2001 plate i have a few issues that i would like help with please

first of all the fuse f6 in my fusebox under the steering wheel keeps on popping then the dash lights go out and the left hand side rear light and the right hand side rear number plate lite goes off

thinking its some kind of wiring but not really sure where to look

second thing is the abs and traction controll light is on thinking it may be a sensor thats gone buy my main concern if this damn fuse

any help would be great

i have a focus mk1 aswell so know a little about fords cheers

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it sounds like your car has a short to earth in the wiring on the fused circuit,causing the fuse to keep blowing, but where is the big question, it will be a case of looking at the wiring trying to find any bad spots.

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Hello thanks for the reply I do kno it's the f6 fuse that keeps blowing do you kno we're I can get a wiring diagram that shows where the wires run or what connects to. Cheers

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