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Trying To Use A 'connects 2' Cd Changer > Ipod Adapter.....

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My 2007 Fiesta Zetec has an Auxiliary Input for audio (iPods, iPhones etc) but I didn't want to leave an iPod exposed and I also couldn't be bothered hiding it away/connecting the audio/connecting the USB charger etc every time :) So I decided to purchase an iPod interface cable that plugs into the back of the radio using the input meant for a CD changer (Model CTAFOIPOD005.2 from Connects 2).

So I connected it all up and managed to get sound playing through both my iPod Shuffle 6G and my iPod Classic fine but I can't seem to use the next/previous buttons of my car radio to skip through tracks as stated on their site. Also the ability to select playlists using the CD-changer controls doesn't seem to do anything either.

Anybody have any experience with these? I'm probably doing something wrong but I don't know.... Also, I was told the cable would cause an iPod to function like it was plugged into a dock, i.e. turning on when power is present (car started) and off when power goes away (car turned off), which was great because then I could leave it 'on' in the glovebox and when I drove it would play music, and when I stopped it would turn off, rather than wasting battery. However, as it is it seems to keep charging (or at least the little charge symbol is present...) even when the engine is off, which worries me that it might just drain the car battery....or is that unlikely? I don't know much about current draw etc....

Any ideas??

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My car is older and I use a different unit, an xcarlink one. But it all works well. 1 is typically free play mode and ,2,3etc are all for playlists. Try and connect the iPod when the radio is on. Also it doesn't drain the battery. It cuts power after a few seconds (your miles may vary)

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