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Omex Rev Lim

D13 HPD 95

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Hi all can anyone shine some light on what an omex rev limiter and launch control system does and how? They are £90 and look alright but the only thing i can see it do is causing a misfire and flames spitting out the exhaust ??


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Correct! The rev limiter works by cutting the spark to the engine and limiting the revs, when the power is back on the un-burnt fuel ignites in the exhaust hence the flames.

The launch control is a pre-set rev limit you specify, so from standstill you floor the throttle and the engine will hold at a certain rev limit. You dump the clutch and away you go.

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Goon on a racecar, bad on a road car. Cars with launch are for track day use really, not every day. Unless you want to look like a twerp.

Unless you go on cruises and such, in which case fair play to you and it might be a worthwhile addition.

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