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I'm glad to be part of the club forums, :) The technical forums are spot on with infomation and the way its written. Plus the members have a lot of pride for cars which is always a great insperation for anyone wanting to do the same. B)

Great work to the admin, surpotters and members alike. :)

Also spent sometime looking at the gallery page, have to say they are really smart looking machines on there. :) If its modified or standerd they all look cool in there own way. B)

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Hi David,

We're glad to have you on board, and also glad that you feel so positive about our community! Its something that Steve and moderators (past and present) work to maintain a great (family) friendly environment. But best of all, our community attracts a lot of knowledgeable people! we have mechanics on here, and enthusiasts who seem to know how to disassemble and reassemble an engine in there sleep!

There's also folk's like me who absorb knowledge (I came here with barely a clue a few years ago!) and now, I feel like I could diagnose with a good success rate some common problems. I wont even try thinking about how much money I have saved due to these forums!

So I hope you stick around, feel like you can take a lot from it and contribute as much as possible! Also if you do want to do so, you are more than welcome to contribute to the forum financially. We have a "club supporters" option, where for a nominal fee, you can become a club supporter for a year, get yourself a free window sticker of the forums, and also get yourself access to the less moderated section of the forum. The donation is put towards forum maintenance, server costs etc. so if you would like to do that, I think the management would appreciate it, but even if you dont want to, as long as you take something away from the forum, and save yourself at least spending some money in Ford's pocket, then that is all we need! :)

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Thats whats all about, I'm on FPOC/ Ford Probe owners club, its a quiet forum, but the passion is still there, so I post quite a lot on there to get things flowing and bring intrest in. :)

Plus as you mentioned it saves money then going to the garage. I did tech for 2 years which helps aswell, but the forums gives you that extra bit of infomation. :D

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Yep, I agree with that, I've learned loads in the last 6 months from reading the forums. :)

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A Forum is all about sharing and learning.

I've learned a fair bit in my time here and enjoy passing on to others.

It's nice to know that the club is viewed in a positive manner.

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