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Fuse Identification Problem Focus Cmax 2.0 Zetec Tdci 54 Plate

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I am searching for the passenger compartment fuse information for my 2005 Cmax. I found the fuse box under the glove compartment and it matches many images I've seen on the web but the fuse numbers do not coincide with any lists I have been able to find. I have attached a basic layout picture below.

The Cigar Lighter is fuse 40 on my car (I know because it blew and I replaced it) whereas the few lists I've found on the web give the Cigar Lighter as fuse 47 and fuse 40 as Reversing Lights. Having read quite a few forums on this matter it would seem that there are at least two different fuseboard configurations. I would be very gratefull if someone could advise me how to find the correct fuse identifications

Thanks in advance


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Thanks Stoney.

I have the Owner's Guide which contains references to a fuse chart label that is supposed to be in the car somewhere but I can not find.

The guide says 'Depending on vehicle variant the necessary fuses and relays may vary'. I believe it's this fuse chart label that I need.

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my manual shows fuse 39 on a 2005 Focus CMAX as being the 12v cigarette lighter, however Haynes doesnt seem to refer to the 12v on its own, but fuse 39 as being Instrument cluster.

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Thanks Jeebowhite.

My car may well be written off. Yesterday someone ran into the back of it causing significant damage. It's possible that the car may be repaired, which will take some time and I am hoping that in the mean time the fuse information will surface.

I am gradually collecting fragments of information about the mystery fusebox but so far none of the suggestions seem to apply in my case except for one chap who mentioned fuse 40 for the Cigar lighter. He found the blown fuse much as I did but could offer no more information about the fuse box.

The current problem I was hoping to solve is that In the process of finding a blown Cigar Lighter fuse I pulled a lot of fuses and must have put one back in the wrong place. If I had known how difficult it would be to find a fuse diagram I would have photographed it before I started. So much for the wisdom of hind sight. Now my radio doesn't work. I can probably find the slot with a multimeter if I get the car back but a fuse chart label would be the ideal solution in terms of future electrical problems.

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Yeah, I had recently removed the sticker version off the foam mat, and I had it in my pocket until a few days ago, now I cant find the bleedin thing (sods law) but if I do find it I will scan it and send it over to you, as they should be the same formation...

As for the write off, well I bought my car as a Cat C writeoff. The injury mine sustained was either a motorbike had driven into it at a ridiculous speed, bucking the bootlid and the crossbar. Either that, or the owner seleved Reverse rather than drive, and tried to do a drag race into a bollard :p if thats the case, you probably will have a writeoff on your hands :(

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