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Simply Ford (Beaulieu)

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Hi there I was wondering how many of you guys and gals are attending simply ford at beaulieu national motor museum in may 2014. All models are excepted in to park together and show off there pride and joy. From the model t to the mustang. Going to be my first time there this year. Who else is going. ?

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Ooo! Thanks for the head's up, just got my ticket - see you all there!!

I've never been to an event like this, so it will be my first time too.


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The motor museum at Beaulieu is one of the places I've been meaning to visit for quite a while, so I'll get there early and make a day of it.

Hopefully, there will be some sort of forum meet-up too!


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Slight moment of panic there…

Just checked the e-ticket email and nearly had kittens when I read the part that states that "This ticket is only valid if arriving in a Ford marque vehicle. On arrival follow the signs for vehicle entrants."

OK, yes, I'll be coming along in a Ford, but "ENTRANTS"?? Then I read further and saw the word 'rally'. Oh. My. Gods. Nearly fell off my chair because I had a horrible thought that I had just entered me and The Van into a flipping' RACE!!!!!!



Turns out they the 'rally' bit means that The Van will be parked up with all the other Fords and therefore on show to the public -and NOT that I will have to hurtle the damned thing round a track at 100mph, screaming my head off, nails embedded in the steering wheel. Phew!

(Better get those alloys refurbished then: can't go on show looking all shabby, can I ?)


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Haha ye when arriving in a ford you all park together and show off our cars. All the other cars park in the main car park. Ye I think there will be few people spending hours polishing there cars.

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