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Electric Superchargers???


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The intake of a naturally aspirated car at the throttle body can suck your hand in how in the world is that stupid fan to better that? You'll get more hp cleaning the intake and throttle body

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I did a little bit of research to see if it was possible, even if the compessor/ impellor was properly designed, the cars' electrical system would not have enough power to supply an powerfull enough electric motor to make any significant difference

To put it into perspective, a (VW) Corrado g60 supercharger uses about 8Hp of the engines power (belt droven), and thats just a small, 160Hp engine (not a dragster) 8Hp is approx 20 TIMES the TOTAL output of a typical alternator - so there is never going to be enough electrical power available on a typical car,

possibly on a hybrid (petrol-electric or diesel electric) with a lot of electrical power but turbochargers are more efficient anyway

Bottom line is the electic supercharger could not work (increase power) on a regular car because there is not enough power in the cars electical system to power an electric motor powerful enough to make any significant difference

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Very true. The idea in theory of an electrical super charger is possible if the losses made by the power used for the super charger is otherwise delt with. Exactly as foca said a typical car will produce too much power loss over gain.

In other words the power taken to power the electrical super charger will be more than the power it produces unless alternative excess power is provided just like foca said hybrid etc. The extra weight makes alternative power pointless either way.

Any type of energy converted to another produces loss that cannot be regained. This is exactly why turbos are better than super chargers.

The theory of extra air going to the engine increasing power sounds very appealing to buyers who aren't considering the energy used to produce the extra air.

This makes those electrical super charger a legal scam!! Because it will never produce more power its just impossible to get more energy out than going in

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In regards to the mighty car mods videos,

I hope my visit to the MOT centre doesn't go like this episode's phone call from the test centre :lol:

Have a watch

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