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Common rust spots -

- Around fuel filler cap (early mk3s, up to 1994) Not mine :) :)

- Rear arches, at the top and where it meets the sill - often spreads well into the sill

- Front arches where it meets the sill.

- Rear valance (round the tailpipe cut-out, at the join to the corner piece)

- Front valence (at either end)

So yeah, rust is something to watch out for, seen this on most mk3s that are still around - apart from mine :) :)

Locks and ignition barrel -

These can wear out in very few miles (mine have been replaced after only 30,000). This is due to the cheap metal the locks are made from, a lot of people say to have a go at repairing them as it can just be a spring sometimes, but personally I don't think it's worth it. You can get a full new set for around £35 and brand new keys cut and coded for around £8 each, and they are quite easy to fit in a couple of hours.

When it starts to get difficult to unlock the car/take steering lock off they're on their way out, don't wait for them to go completely or you'll be stuck in Tesco car park for 2 hours waiting for the breakdown man.

One way to prolong the life of the locks is to make sure they are well lubricated, preferably with powdered graphite, but spray grease will do.

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